Discover how rewarding it can be to Play in the Company of Friends!SM

Welcome to Fort Reno. You’re in the Cavalry now! Fort Reno is a new way to play on a more personal level where you earn rewards while you earn promotions to even more rewards. See where your play ranks and enjoy the fun. Different than any other player’s club in Northern Nevada, Fort Reno members also earn points on all purchases made within the casino including our restaurants and bars, as well as the gift shop.

Fort Reno Cavalry members can now earn twice the comps as ever before. We’ve DOUBLED the points earned on Reels, Video Reels and Video Keno. Video Poker players can now earn 50% more points as well. With these changes, guests can move up in the ranks even faster then before! See below for a complete breakdown of the changes.

Fort Reno Cavalry Benefits:

Video Poker = $1 Coin-In = .75 point
Reels/Video Reels and Video Keno – $1 Coin-In = 2 points

Video Poker = $1 Coin-In = 1.125 points (a 50% increase!)
Reels/Video Reels and Video Keno – $1 Coin-In = 3 points (a 100% increase!)

Video Poker = $1 Coin-In = 1.5 points (a 50% increase!)
Reels/Video Reels and Video Keno – $1 Coin-In = 4 points (a 100% increase!)

Video Poker = $1 Coin-In = 2.25 points (a 50% increase!)
Reels/Video Reels and Video Keno – $1 Coin-In = 6 points (a 100% increase!)

Benefits by Rank
Free New Member Enlistment Gift
Stockpile Gaming Merit Points
Stockpile Restaurant Merit Points
Stockpile Gift Shop Merit Points
Special Promotional Mail Offers
Earn Free Slot Play
Local Area Merchant Discount Program
Free Floor Drawings
Eligible for 2X & 3X Merit Floor Promotions
Slot Tournament Invitations
Base Merit Point Multiplier
Branding Iron Cafe Discount
Cactus Creek Steakhouse Dining Discount
Gift Shop Discount
Officer’s Club Check Cashing VIP Line
Exclusive Officer’s Club Event & Party Invitations
Premium Beverage Service
Complimentary Top Shelf Drinks While Gaming  
Priority Seating in Restaurants
Exclusive Invitations to General’s Circle Events
Special year-end Generals gift
Restaurant/ Giftshop Cavalry Benefits 10 pts 15 pts 20 pts 30 pts
Points For Rank Promotion 10,000 pts 50,000 pts 250,000 pts


5-Star General

Our Benefits don’t end there. Our most distinguished Cavalry Officers can be promoted to the exclusive 5-Star General’s Circle.
Cavalry members with this rank enjoy red carpet treatment everywhere in the casino. Earn 1,000,000 points in a year and you too
could join this exclusive rank!



Sign Up

To begin, visit the Fort Reno Player’s Club or see any Bonanza Casino Scout to enlist as a private. Then, earn promotions as you play. The more you play, the higher you rank and the more you’re rewarded. Fort Reno offers 3 ways to redeem your merit points with free meals at the Cactus Creek Prime Steakhouse and Branding Iron Café, free merchandise in the Bonanza Casino Gift Shop and even free slot play! Become a member of Fort Reno and discover how rewarding playing can be in the company of friends!